Welcome to Conceptus.Net!

Conceptus.Net is focused on providing quality and affordable domain names, producing low cost web sites that work quickly and effectively and optimizing websites to improve their Search Engines’ rankings.


Domain Names

The domain names of our portfolio are always being auctioned at one of the following: Godaddy, Flippa, Sedo or Afternic. You may search for your desired domain at these websites and place your bid. Alternatively you can go to www.HDName.com, browse through our entire active portfolio and submit an offer. Should this offer be accepted, the domain name will be removed from the auction and will be transferred to you, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions at www.HDName.com. All prices are negotiable!

Web Design

Our goal is to build cost effective and simple websites that can meet your objectives and serve as a valuable tool for your business. In order to accomplish this we use available free scripts for a variety of purposes: Content Management Systems, Blogs, Forums, Directories and business specific Scripts. This reduces the cost and time of putting a website together meaning you get the job done faster and for a lower price.
When we are not working on a specific client's order we design turn-key websites to be made available for purchase. You may also find these at our domain name portfolio (www.HDName.com) by clicking the domain names that have a hyperlink. These are developed domain names (websites).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Having a domain name and a website is not all you need to attract visitors to your business. You also need to get you website to show up on their devices’ screens! This is mainly achieved through Search Engines. People go to Search Engines and search for a product or a service. If your website is not optimized, chances are it will rank low in the Search Engines Results Pages and people will not see it and, evidently, not visit it. Through SEO we will work to improve your search engine’s ranking for the keywords of your niche/business. This is not an easy job and there are no guaranteed results because there are hundreds of criteria that come into account when Search Engines rank websites. However, there are a few proven strategies that will most certainly help. Learn more at our SEO page.


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